Crowdfunding Feature

To add a Crowdfunding feature, you first need to create a Crowdfunding Campaign.

To create a Crowdfunding Campaign, navigate to the left hand toolbar in the Fans section of your Asset Manager.

Click the blue Add Campaign button to get started. 

Read more about creating a new campaign here.

Add The Crowdfunding Feature To Your Website

Once you create a  Crowdfunding feature in the Fans section, you can add it to your website.

Simply select the Features panel, then drag the Crowdfunding Feature to your page. You'll need to pick one of your launched projects (as seen below). Then select text font and color.

Next select one of the suggested sizes: small, medium or large. 

Then configure buttons, background, border, and shadow settings for how your Crowdfunding Campaign will look when it's live on your website.

Why you would need a separate Crowdfunding Campaign page:

You can add much more information about your launched project by creating a separate Campaign Page. It is mandatory if you want to share that project via social media. 

You can put a link to the existing page, an anchor to a Block feature, and then add a link to an outside source of the information about your project.

People will certainly want to know more about the project, the cause, person, or event that you're raising money for. This particular campaign’s page could have videos and photos to demonstrate the project or the cause that you’re raising money for. The more information you give the people visiting your page, the more likely you are to have a successful Crowdfunding Campaign.

You might have an entertaining story to tell or how you plan to develop the project in the future. Share details about yourself, your band, and important things that have shaped your project. As you connect with people, they will want to follow and help you movement. All this information will help backers learn more about who you are.

Place the Share button on your Crowdfunding Page because people won’t know about your project unless you share it with your social networks! As a result, more donations will come into your crowdfunding campaign for your creative project. Invite your fans to join you on your journey; you are not just asking for their money.

And of course, be sure to thank your supporters for their donations!

How It Works

Only logged in fans can contribute. Fans that aren't logged in will see the Sign in to support button instead of the Support button.

Fan that click the Support button will see a pop-up window which shows the following information: Campaign Title, Artist Name, Input Field with the Sum, PayPal and Cancel buttons. A fan can set their own donation amount, but no less than the minimum payment you have determined. 

When a fan clicks on the PayPal button, the PayPal widget will display the PayPal payment system and the fan can finish their donation.

All payments go directly from Fans to Artists. Rhythmic Rebellion takes NO flat fee!