Social Buttons Feature

The Social Buttons feature allows music creators to add their social media account links in the form of buttons. That way, fans can easily connect and interact with artists' social media such as:

  • Facebook - Like / Recommend buttons
  • Twitter Tweet Read buttons (Coming Soon)
  • Pinterest - Pin It / Subscribe buttons (Coming Soon)
  • Youtube - Subscribe button (Coming Soon)
  • Spotify - Follow button (Coming Soon)

Facebook Buttons

The two buttons available for Facebook are:

1. Like - Allows users to 'like' the page on which the button was added.

2. Recommend - Allows users to recommend a certain page to friends.

Select a Like or Recommend button. When any user with an
active Facebook session opens the page that contains 
these buttons, they will see how many people liked or recommended it.
Select the Layout of the buttons. Choose from 4 different types: Standard, Box Count, Button Count, or a simple Button.

Include Share Button - This adds the Share button next to the Like / Recommend buttons. Applicable for every Layout.

Size - There are only 2 sizes provided by the Facebook Like Button Plugin: Small or Large.

Color Scheme - Use this setting to set the text color in the feature to Black (Light Scheme) or Light Grey (Dark Scheme).