Follow Button Feature

Video Transcript

Adding a Follow button to your Rhythmic Rebellion website is a great way to stay connected to your fans. You will be saved in the fan’s Artists Following list!

To add a Follow button, simply click on Features and drag the “Follow Button” to wherever you want it on your site. You can then customize the look of it!

Selecting Text allows you to change the text size, the font style, and enables you to show or hide the amount of followers you have. Under Color, you can change the color of the text and the opacity.

The next few features are optional (and not required) but can be used to make your Follow button stand out. You can choose a color or gradient background on your button by selecting a color from the predetermined pallet. If you want a color that’s not shown, simply click on the + icon and select your color from there. Like many of the other options, you can also change the opacity.

The Background Hover Color will change the color of your button when a mouse is hovering over it.

Rounding will allow you to smooth the corners of your button - the amount of rounding can be adjusted to your liking.

If you want to add a Border to your button, simply select the color you would like to use as a border, and then select what sides of the button you would like the border to display on. You can change the size of the border, opacity, and also have the border color change when a mouse hovers over it.

The last option is to add a Drop Shadow to your button to help it stand out from the background of the website. By changing the numbers in the X and Y coordinates, you can change what direction the shadow will appear from. You can also adjust the blur and color of the shadow. 

Fans that Follow you but have not joined RR will be prompted to join. Fans that are already members of RR that click your Follow button will see the following message: