Links Feature

NOTE: The links you see when you place the feature on your page will disappear once you add your first link. Those temporary links are provided for you to see what it looks like.

To integrate a social media toolbar to your website, select the Features panel, and drag the Links feature to your page in your Artist Site Builder

By default, it contains an example of the most commonly used social media icons. Don't worry, you'll be able to input your own links to social media sites!

1. Open the Link Type menu to select the layout of the social toolbar:

  • Social Bar Icon - This is a regular bar with a set of icons.
  • Logo - Select "Logo" if you want links to services to look like graphic marks, emblems, or images that can be easily recognized.
  • Smart Link - Select this setting if you want links to services to look like graphic marks, emblems, or images with call-to-action text.  

2. Open the Add Link menu and paste a link to one of your social media accounts. Click the blue Add button and the feature will be re-rendered with default icons replaced with the new added link icon. Hover your mouse over the four horizontal lines next to each social media icon to drag and drop links to reorder them.

3. You can resize the Links feature by dragging the handles around the links feature. Adjust social media icons size using the Size slider. This option is only available for social bar icons.

4. Select the native Icon Color or choose a Custom Color for social bar icons.  

5. You can also style each social media icon or logo background! 

6. Add borders to any or all of the sides of the Links feature. Adjust the size of the border with the slider, and select a color for the border using the pre-selected color palette, or the custom color picker. You can also adjust the border hover color that a fan will see when they hover over your Links feature.

7. Finally, you can add a box shadow to your Links feature. Adjust the position of the shadow, the amount of blur, the color of the shadow and the opacity.