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Having a News Feed on your website is a great way to let your fans know what you’ve been working on, or what you have planned for the future. To add your news feed to your site, simply open the Features panel in your Site Builder, and drag the News Feed feature onto your site. 

Under the Show News section, you can choose whether to show all of your news assets or only show a select few. If you don’t have any News assets, you can create and edit them in the Asset Manager

You can then change the Viewing setup to display your articles in different ways - try different layouts to see what you think works best for your content. In addition to changing the layout for the articles, you can also change the overall size of the news feed window by clicking and dragging the window points.

Next, you can also change the background of the articles as well as the opacity. Simply choose a color from the predetermined color palette, or choose a custom color. There's also an option to use a gradient for the background.

In the Title section, you can change the font style of the title, as well as the text alignment and color of the title. You also have the same options for the text of the news articles; changing font style, color, and opacity.

If you would like to change the styling of the link to the full news article, you can change the font style, color, and even the hover color that will change when a user hovers over the text with their mouse.

Like many of the other features, you have an option to add a border to your article previews. Simply choose the color you'd like, and then choose what sides you would like the border to show up on. You can control the size of the border with the slider, change the border color hover (which changes the color of the border when the mouse is hovering over it) and finally you can adjust the direction of the drop shadow by changing the X and Y values. You can also change the amount, color or opacity of the blur!