Store Policies

Store Policies are a set of rules that creates trust and expectations for the level of service you offer. Using them you can clearly explain to customers what they can expect from your business. 
We highly recommend creating your own store policies. To add a new policy click the Add New Policy button and fill in the policy name, policy description and attach images if needed. 
 We've created policies templates for you to get started with:
  • Return & Refund Policy 
  • Shipping Policy  
  • Digital Items Policy
To use the template, select it from the dropdown in the "policy name" field. Please replace the words in bold with your own.

Note: The shipping policy template uses data from the Shipping Preferences page. Still, you can edit this policy template, and even if your shipping preferences will be changed, that won't affect what was created before this shipping policy. If you need to add new data from the Shipping Preferences page, you need to select the Shipping Policy from the dropdown again to retrieve the data.