Shipping Preferences

If you're selling physical merchandise to your fans, you need to set up the shipping details for the store. On your Shipping Preferences page you can define if you want to charge your customers for the shipping or mark the shipping as free. Shipping information on this page will be used for charging shipping costs at the customer's checkout. You can also use entered data to compose your Store Policy.

Default Shipping Settings

Regular shipping is a shipping type name, an umbrella term, that comprises different shipping zones and general settings, like sender country and products per parcel. Shipping zones define the regions where you'll ship.

We've included 3 default shipping zones to cover the whole world for products delivery:

  1. Domestic shipping
  2. Shipping across the continent
  3. Shipping overseas To change these default settings, click the  Edit button on the card. 

Click Add Shipping Type to create a new shipping type, or clone the current shipping type to duplicate the settings.

Shipping Type Creation

  • Shipping Type Name: Give a name to the new shipping type, which will be visible to the customers at checkout. To connect this shipping type to a specific product, select this name on the Product form creation.
  • Sender Country: Select the country from which the store items will be sent.
  • Products Per Parcel: Define the number of products per common parcel.
    Example: If you change this number to 3 it means that the fan can add up with 3 items to the cart that have this shipping policy and the shipping fee will only be applied once. If the fan adds 4 items then the shipping fee will be added two times. So if shipping is $5 they can add up to 3 items and it still cost $5. 4 to 6 items would be $10. 7 to 9 would be $15.

Shipping Zone

  • Shipping Zone Name: Give a name to shipping type, which can be shown to users on your Store Shipping Policy to help them find out the shipping cost in advance.
  • Continents / Countries: Add continents or countries to this shipping zone.
  • Price: Define the price to ship to the continents or countries from this shipping zone. Click  Add Shipping Zone to add another zone to the list.

Note: Each country or continent can be added only once to the specific shipping zone within the shipping type.

If you still have questions on using Shipping Settings, feel free to contact our help and support team!