Artist Penthouse

The Artist Penthouse is a fun way to get your fans to pay you to see content that no one else gets to see - it's like the ultimate fan club. You create web pages that are only accessible after payment. These pages contain videos, pictures, and music. The videos can be you in the music studio, live in concert, on your living room sofa - do whatever you know your fans will find entertaining. You can create as many of these private pages as you want! You can have one called Winter 2020, another called Spring 2020, and one called Summer 2020. Each of them will contain different content for your fans to enjoy viewing or hearing. You might even acquire a new fan that pays for access to all three of them at the same time!

Set Up Your Artist Penthouse

1. Inside your Artist Account click Fans in the top menu, then Artist Penthouse on the left.

2. Click the Add Access button and fill out the form.

3. After creating the Artist Penthouse asset, you need to go to the Site Builder to create these specific pages and select the content you want to place in the Artist Penthouse section of your site. Once your Artist Penthouse is created, it will show up as a section and you can add it as a Page. See the image below.

4. In your Artist Site Builder, go to Features and drag the Artist Penthouse Feature onto your page.

5. In the Settings window, select the Artist Penthouse asset you want to sell in this feature and customize the feature's text, button, background, border, and shadow.

6. Your finished feature will look something like the image below. Your fans will Add to Cart, go to their cart to complete checkout, and then the Add to Cart button will change to an Access button that allows them entry into your Artist Penthouse!

Additional Info & Settings

  • Videos - Use a Video Feature for this.
  • Music - There is a special Private Music Player Feature available. Its behavior is different from the common Playlist feature; tracks inside the Private Music Player Feature are not added to the Rhythmic Rebellion Player but are played directly on the page. It was tailored so because such song recordings are not meant to be publicly available. Check out this article to get more info. 
  • Articles / Text Content - Use the common Text Feature for this
  • Photos / Images - Use the Gallery Feature for this.
  • Limited Artist Contact - There is a Contact Feature available for this. When the Contact Feature is placed on the Artist Penthouse pages, all messages sent by email from the artist will have a special label [Artist Penthouse Title] in the title, to easily sort the incoming emails and manage the correspondence. Place the Artist Penthouse Feature on the home page to promote your private content. 
  • Artist Penthouse Feature - This feature is a promo feature for your gated (private) content. Place it to your website to advertise your Artist Penthouse pages and provide your fans access upon purchase.

Artist Penthouse Features

To add the Artist Penthouse Feature to another place on your website for better visibility, select the Features panel, and drag the Artist Penthouse Feature to your page.

Select the Artist Penthouse you want to display from the access list in the Settings Panel (see the image).
If you haven’t created an Artist Penthouse yet, you won't see anything available to select. To create one, click the Fans Section link above the Access section. You can also create an Artist Penthouse from your Artist Account by clicking on Fans at the top, then Artist Penthouse on the left. From there you can fill out all the fields needed to create an Artist Penthouse. Then you'll be able to drag the feature onto your website and auto-fill it with the Artist Penthouse you've already created.
Selected access will be immediately displayed in the feature container. You can resize the Artist Penthouse box by dragging the handles around the feature. The layout of the feature will automatically adjust to your sizing. 
Adjust the font style, size and color. Font sizes available are small, medium and large. Selected size affects font size on title, description and price relatively. Select a color using the preselected color palette or select a custom color by adding it to the available colors panel.  
Adjust the background color and opacity. You can also select a color gradient or image for the background.  
Under the buttons tab, you can adjust the button’s text color and opacity using the same methods. The buttons tab also has options to adjust the hover color that will change when a fan hovers over the button with their mouse.   
Add borders to one or all of the edges of the feature and adjust the size of the border with the slider. Select a color for the border using the preselected color palette or select a custom color by adding it to the available colors panel. You can also add a hover color for when a fan hovers over this feature with their mouse.  
Add a box shadow to your feature and adjust the position of the shadow, the blur, color, and opacity  

Always remember to SAVE your work as you go and don't forget to click Publish when you’re ready to have your new site go public!