Adding a Favicon to Your Website

A Favicon is an image that appears on a website tab next to the website name. See the image in the top left corner of this picture as an example:

NOTE: The size of the favicon must be 16x16 pixels. This means you can create your own custom favicon and upload it, as long as it meets the 16x16 pixel size requirement.

Want To Simply Find A Favicon To Use On Your Site?

Visit this link: Free Favicon downloads to take you to a site that allows you to download free Favicons, just follow the directions!

1. Click the alphabet to browse the images.
2. Once you find one, click "download this favicon".

3. On the next page, click the blue button that will download a Zip File Package. 4. You may see a window that allows you to choose where the file will download to. Click the Save button to download to your chosen destination.

5. Make sure you extract the zipped files to another regular folder so that you will be able to successfully upload the favicon to your website.

6. Go to your Site Builder, click on the Advanced tab and find Favicon.

7. Then click the Upload Favicon text.

8. Look at the files in your folder and find the one that has a 16 in the name and select it. (It will be a very small image!)