Creating A Google Analytics Account

How To Create A Good Analytics Account

On your Artist Welcome Page there are website statistics. Although we can provide some stats, Google analytics provides much more detail. With that said, we suggest you create a Google Analytics account and use it. You can also tie your analytics account back to your Artist Account!

1. Click Here To Create An Account In Google Analytics

  • In the Account Name, enter your artist name or any name you want and click Next.

2. What Do You Want To Measure?

  • Choose Web and click Next.

3. Property Setup

  1. Enter your Website Name. (ie: “artist name website”).
  2. Enter your Artist domain name if it is pointing to your Rhythmic Rebellion domain (ie: If you don't have your own dot com, enter your Rhythmic Rebellion site URL (example:
  3. Select your Industry Category (ie: “Arts and Entertainment”).
  4. Choose your Country.
  5. Select your Time Zone.
  6. Click Create.

4. Terms of Service

  1. Choose your Country.
  2. Read and accept the Terms of Service.
  3. Read and accept the Data Protection Terms.
  4. Click the I Accept button.

5. Click “Get Tracking ID” and Accept the Terms & Conditions

  • The Tracking ID code is displayed in bold at the top of the Google Analytics page (it will look something like: UA-12345678-1). 
  • If you didn't manage to find the Tracking ID code, then login to your GA Account, click Tracking Info in the Property column, and then click Tracking Code.
  • On your RR Artist Account Welcome Page, click on Site Statistics, enter the Tracking ID and click Connect. Voila!