Who Is The Music Publisher Of This Composition?

If you do not have an outside company acting as your music publisher, then you are the music publisher for your compositions. Once you have made your song composition available in any way for others to listen to, it is considered published. Our system will create a publishing name for you, but you can change that name by going to the Owner Tab.

Publishing and releasing a song recording to the public is different than publishing a composition. A songwriter's song composition has nothing to do with a released recording. Compositions are generally made up of chords, melodies, and lyrics. You might make a recording of the composition so others can hear what it sounds like but recordings attached to this composition are not offered to the public. They are offered to artists and music publishers for recording consideration assuming you marked that selection as YES when uploading your composition. This way, they can hear the song as it was intended before they consider buying it for an artist to use or release.

Anyone who is registering (creating) the Song Composition Title (SRT) in the Rhythmic Rebellion system is called the Main Writer. The other songwriters who are added to the list of Writers by the Main Writer, are the song's Co-Writers.

If you are the co-writer on a specific composition, you have the ability to set your own Publisher for a certain composition. Every co-writer and main writer are managing the list of their own publishers and the publishing rights percentage for those song compositions.

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We provide this information for educational purposes only. You should ask an attorney for all legal advice on publishing your music through a company or signing with a music publisher. This is especially important so that you do not sign away any rights to your music!