Fan Sign-up Process

This is how fans join your community and get the maximum benefit.

This is how our sign up process works. Please keep in mind that 67% of emails go into promo or spam filters. We want to help you create a community of fans that you can communicate with when you want to without spam filters and without having to pay like you do with FB and IG. We have an on-platform messaging system where you can create something that looks like an email but the fan gets notified about the message in their fan account and/or app giving your messages 100% delivery rate. You need to tell your fans that you want to communicate with each of them without interference and this is best done by them joining your community on your website and downloading the Rhythmic Rebellion app.

Our sign up is 3 different screens. Our research shows that this is the best way to do it.

Fans can also sign-up using Google or Apple accounts. In this example we show sign-up by email.

On the first screen there is a little information. We ask for the fans email, then to create a password, then check the agreement box then, then to click Create Account. That is all. They are done. They are signed up with RR and part of your email mailing list and RR community. 

2nd screen. Now we take the fan to a second screen where we hope the fan will share additional information. This is optional and the SKIP button is obvious. We ask for gender and birthdate. Both of these are helpful to market well to the fan.

3rd screen. We ask for the fan's first name, their location, and their phone number. These are all optional. This is very helpful information for you as an artist. As you grow your community you may want to start sending emails about your shows to specifice fans based on their location. We also have plans to give the fans the option to receive messages from you over phone text messaging so we are trying to collect as many phone numbers as we can.

Again, the fan is signed up on the first screen and they have no idea there is a screen 2 or 3. It is impossible to lose a fan because they think we are asking for too much info. 

We have changed our sign up process many times to get to the one we have now. It works well and we and building a good database of info that is very helpful to you, the artist, and other than email and phone number, nothing that personally identifies the fan, no last name and no address. If they buy something, then they must provide their last name and address.