Attach Audio File in Song Composition

Select from the list of audio files you've already uploaded. You can filter results by songs that are your own, shared or simply show all. You can also search for a specific audio file in your database. If there are no audio files in the list, then you must not have uploaded any! You can use the blue Upload button at the bottom of this section. Only mp3 and WAV files will be available in this section.

Songwriters make demos of their compositions and songs. It might be just the writer singing with their guitar or piano as a demo - this is the type of recording you can use here. This audio file will not be heard by fans. This recording may be heard by singers or music publishers looking for their next hit assuming you say YES to the question "Offer to Artists and Publishers?" in Song Composition Title (SCT) creation.

If you are also the Artist and you want to use your professional recording here, you can! You can use the same recording here that you will use in your Artist Account. The audio file you attach in your Artist Account in your Song Recording Title (SRT) will be heard by fans.

If you need to convert an Mp4, WAV, or other file to an Mp3 or other different type of file, click here and follow these instructions.