Create & Upload Videos to Video Assets on Android App

The Video Feature on our Android RR Artists app allows artists to record videos up to 5 minutes in length right from their phones and upload them directly to the Asset Manager in their Artist Account

Uploaded video files are stored in the Account Storage and are visible in the app as well as on the Creator Site under Videos in the Asset Manager

Create & Upload

Learn how to record & upload a video directly to your Asset Manager using a mobile phone!
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1. You must have an account already set up on the Creator Site from a desktop or laptop computer. Use this same login info to sign in to the RR Artists app (with Artist Account selected) and you'll see a Content/Cloud icon in the middle: 

2. Tap the Content icon and a screen with Photos and Videos will show up. Then tap the Videos

3. If you already have video files uploaded from your computer or phone, the Videos screen will display a list of these assets.

Each video card consists of:

  • Video thumbnail
  • Video title
  • Video description 

Record A Video

4. To record a new video, tap the “+" icon at the bottom of the Videos list screen. A recording screen will appear.

5. Then, simply tap the round red button at the bottom to begin recording!

6. As you’re recording, you’ll notice a progress bar circling the Play button. The button allows you to pause and resume your video during recording. 

7. Once the user stops the recording or the video has been recorded up to the 5-minute limit, the Video Preview screen will open. 

8. On this screen, the video is on pause by default. The Play button starts the video playback. 

9. The button RR MEDIA EDITOR opens the Video Editor

10. Once you’re finished here, tap Next at the bottom right of the screen. 


Tap the appropriate icon beside the Play button to open the Gallery screen.

Select the video you want to upload from your gallery, then tap the confirmation button. In the Gallery, videos that exceed the 5-minute length are disabled.

Video Preparation Screen

This screen will ask you to create the following for the video:

  • Title for the video (required)
  • Description of the video (optional)

On this screen, the artist can also preview the video by tapping the video thumbnail. The video opens on the full screen via the System Player.

The Save Copy to Gallery button automatically saves the content to the phone folder (Gallery) by default. To not save the content to the phone folder, the artist should switch the radio button to OFF. The user's choice will be kept until the application is removed. 

This option is only visible when the user creates an image or video via the RR Artist app.

Once you’re done here, tap the Upload option at the top. The video will begin uploading!


Wait for the video to finish uploading. The uploading progress will be shown on the upload bar at the bottom of the screen. Please note, it will take some time to upload and process. The time it takes to upload the video depends on your connection speed and file size. 

Once it’s finished, the video will be presented on the main Videos screen.

Video Recording Limitations

Artists can record a single video for up to 5 minutes.

Video Storage Limit

Artists have limited storage for video upload. By default, the storage limit for an Artist Account is 10 Gb. Your storage usage can be checked in the Master Account -> Menu -> Storage. It includes not only videos, but also other elements in the Asset Manager including Audio, Photos, Videos, and Fonts

Video Editing, Removing, and Copy Link

After you create a new video with the RR Artists app, you can edit the video description, copy the link of this video and share it with your Fans or remove the video. Simply head over to the Videos list, select the video you wish to modify, and tap the edit, copy link, or trash icon accordingly. 


All videos can be sorted by date or name. By default, the videos' order is set to descending (Newest-to-Oldest).