Reports By Orders

The Reports By Orders tab is available for Artist Accounts only. Data will display on this page as soon as the artist has made their first sale.

Reports By Orders is a dedicated space for artists to review their orders and processing calculations done by the Creator Payments System. If there were multiple artists purchased from in the same order, only the part of the order that belongs to the current artist is available for the artist to view. 

There are several filters at the top of the page to search through the data. All orders created during the Last 7 days are shown as the default option.

Below you can see a summary of orders placed in the last 7 days:

How Figures Are Calculated

See the example below. Each line inside the order represents the sale of an item from your store.

A fan purchased a T-shirt (physical product) for $5.00 and a digital song for $0.99.

The Total Sales After Discount is the sum of the purchased items excluding a discount, in the example it is $8.99. It does not include sales tax.

Discount displays the discounted amount when a fan redeemed a Gift Code.

The Sales Tax amount of $0.63 is calculated by the outside service and depends on the fan's location mostly.
Learn more about Sales Tax here.

The Shipping shown as $3.00 shows the total delivery cost of the whole order.

Tips is the amount of money added to the order by a fan of their own free will.

The Processing Fee is the transaction fee charged by the Payment Processor. Since there can be items from various artists in the fan's cart, rights on which can belong to either artists or their labels, the calculation is done per item basis. This means that RR takes the Processing Fee charged by a service and splits it between all items in the cart. Therefore, the original sum can be equal or less than the amount the Creator Payments System takes from artists. The order from the example was processed by PayPal and the original processing fee was $0.83. It was split like the following: 

  • The Payment Processor Fee share for the T-shirt is $0.83/($8.99+$0.63)x($5.00+$0.35)=$0.47
  • The Payment Processor Fee share for the song is $0.83/($8.99+$0.63)x($0.99+$0.07)=$0.10
  • The Payment Processor Fee share for the delivery is $0.83/($8.99+$0.63)x($3.00+$0.21)=$0.28

The numbers are always rounded up to the closest superior round number figure. The total Processing Fee charged from the artist is $0.85, that is then rounded up 2 cents from the original amount.

The field will contain a star ( *) if more than one artist was included to the order. It means that Processing Fee was split by all participants. Learn more about Processing Fees here.

The Payment Processor is the company that handled the transaction, like Stripe or PayPal. 

The RR Fee is the revenue share for the T-shirt and the song purchase collected from the payment by the Creator Payments System. In this example, it retained 5% for the T-shirt and 15% for the song that is $0.25 and $0.15 accordingly. The Creator Payments System does not retain their fee from the shipping cost. 

The Recipient Share column shows the payment landing into your Artist Account Transaction Register or your Label Account Transaction Register. This is the Total sale less the combined fee charged by the Payment Processor and RR