Fan Club Posts


This page allows artists to create posts with exclusive content available to the subscriber of the specified tiers of the fan club. Create your own  Posts inside the Fan Club section of the Fans tab.

The process of post creation consists logically of several steps: 
  • creation of a new post
  • planning and applying the publish date of the post for one or more tier
  • displaying the post on the corresponding fan tiers pages

Create a New Post:

Click the blue Create Post button and craft a new post.

  • Set the title for your upcoming post.
  • Edit the post using the embedded editor: feel free to add images, video, and audio content. 
  • Check how your post will look like by clicking on the Preview button.

Then you will set when this post will become visible for your subscribers using the  "Tiers and Schedule" form. The post won't be visible to any of your fans until you set this block and save your changes.

All you need is to pick the tier (or tiers) and select the required date for posting. You can select "Now" and your post becomes visible instantly.

Also, you may set different publish times for each of your tiers. Just click the "Schedule More" button, chose another tier, and configure the publish date for the post.

Then, as always, click  Save.

One thing left worth mentioning - by clicking on the "Show Scheduled Posts" - you may preview all the posts connected to a certain tier, even those set to be published in the future.