Fan Club

Fan Club

Learn how to set up your Fan Club(s) and specify the benefits of each Tier for the fans.
Each Tier you create is a subscription product and your fans will be charged monthly or yearly according to your club settings.

You can access this section by clicking on Fans -> Fan Club

There are three tabs within the Fan Club section:

  1. Fan Club
  2. Fan Tiers
  3. Settings
Note that if this is your first time setting up a new Fan Club, there will be nothing under the Fan Club tab, as you will need to set up your first Fan Tier, which is what we will jump to first:

Fan Tiers

Allows you to create and manage up to 5 tiers. Click Create Fan Tier to create a new Tier:

You're able to edit or remove the existing tiers by clicking on the corresponding link within the certain tier card:

Note: If you're deleting a tier with active subscribers, the process of removing such a tier may take some time. The system will cancel the subscription for all subscribers and wait until the latest subscribe period will be over for the last subscriber. Only after this, the tier will be deleted.

Fan Tiers Create / Edit Form

Tier Name - what your tier is called.

Tier Image - this image will be displayed on the Fan Club Page within the list of the tiers as well as on the current tier page.

Description - Describe exactly what the fan will get during the subscription period. 

Tier Image / Video For Subscribers - this image or video will be displayed on the tier page when your fans join the tier. This image or video available only for subscribers.

Tier Description For Subscribers - when your fans join the fan club, they will see this information. It is different from the regular description that is placed for non-subscribers.

Price & Plans - Here you can set the price either for monthly or yearly subscriptions. You can also click the Disable for new subscriptions check box for any of the subscription plans to turn it off for the current tier. This is useful if you're only trying to create a yearly fan club and not a monthly club, or vice versa. 

Paid Tier / Free Tier - Select if the current tier should be free or paid for by the fans. Pay attention that the free tier can not be changed to paid and vice versa after saving.

If you want to leave the tier plan active for already subscribed fans, but not allow new subscriptions - use the checkbox Disable for new subscriptions.


This set of fields will be presented on the Tier Subscription Page. This is the information you can ask your fans to provide upon subscription. It contains two blocks of fields - Personal Info and Shipping. The configuration of these fields will affect all your tiers.

Click the box to display a green checkmark to enable that informational field to show on the subscription form. Switching the mandatory toggle to green will make this field mandatory / required.

After making all necessary changes, don't forget to save your changes by clicking on the green Save button at the bottom of the page!

Fan Club

This tab accumulates all the information gathered from the fan tiers forms about your subscribers.

To search for a fan by his / her name, email, country, etc. start typing within the search field. Also, you can filter the data using the Tiers filter. Just select the needed tier from the dropdown list and you will get all the subscribers for this tier on the screen. Just remember to switch between the active and past members to get the data about currently active members or past subscribers.

Use the gear icon to configure the set of columns that you'd like displayed within this table.

If you check the field, the corresponding column will appear within the table. Some of the newly added columns could be marked with an exclamation point:

It means that the data for these fields are not collected at the moment. You can enable those corresponding fields on the Settings tab.

Site Builder Fan Club Page

Upon creation of your first Fan Club, a new static page becomes available within the Artist Site Builder.
This page contains the list of all Tiers created by you and has limited options to be configured.

Let's touch on those options here:

Color Settings - the palette settings and background color can be configured from the Styles menu tab.

The Header feature can be configured using the corresponding gear icon:

Here you can choose the Template for the header, set the needed background, edit the text for the titles and action button, and configure the menu for this page.