Gift Code Categories

How To Use Gift Code Categories

Categories for Gift Codes allow you to create a set of categories with preselected merch store items and Bundles, link the Gift Code to a certain category, and apply this code to any item within the category.

To start using this feature go to Store / Gift Codes / Categories:

Categories Tab

The Categories tab allows:

  • creating a new category by the "Add New Category" button
  • editing the existing categories by the Edit link
  • removing the existing categories by the Remove link

Each category item will provide additional info - number of items in the category, creation date, category image, Items, and Description drop-downs.

Items drop-down - shows linked items

Description drop-down - shows description of the current category

The amount of categories that can be created is limited to 10.

Click the “Add New Category” button to open the Category form. Click Edit on an existing category form to modify an existing category.

Add/Edit Category Form

Save“ button - allows saving the category

“Close“ button - allows closing the category without saving

“Category name“ field is required to enter the name for the category; limited to 90 symbols

The “Category description” field is optional - a note to yourself about what this category is for; limited to 250 characters

"Applies to:"  - specify if the gift code will be applied to one item from the category or to as many of the items in the category as the customer wants to purchase. 
“Select category image” allows choosing/adding the image for the category

“Available item” allows selecting a store item for your category

Clicking on any of the store items will add it to the bottom of the item selector, appearing as  “Selected to the category”.

“Selected to the category” shows the current list of products assigned to this category.

Clicking on the "X" icon will remove the store item from the category.

Updated Gift Code Creation Process

If you create at least one category, the new filter option will be displayed while creating the new gift code:

Within this filter, previously created Categories are displayed.

If one of the Categories is selected it will become highlighted and attached to the current Gift Code.