Where and How To Promote

There are many places on the internet that you can promote yourself, your music, and your merch.

Facebook and Instagram

Posting on Facebook and Instagram about your promo is a good idea. Keep in mind that Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook has algorithms that limit how many of your followers see your post unless you pay to boost it or for an ad. You can have 1 million followers and only 1% of those people ever see your post. So as soon as a fan follows you on FB, you need to be posting things on FB and Instagram that drive those fans to your website so you can get them to follow you and share their email with you.


You can post videos on YouTube to promote things. You can go live on YouTube and do a Promo. 
If you have over 4000k of watch time or over 1k subs, you will see a tab in your YouTube account called Community. This area allows you to post about events or promotion and your fans get notifications.
Learn more here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9409631?hl=en

Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok

These are other good places to post. Keep in mind that your fans have their favorite apps. Some only use Instagram, others just TikTok. Some people only use Linkedin. You don't want to miss anyone.

Bands In Town

Did you know that you can message your followers on Bands In Town?
Learn more here: https://www.artists.bandsintown.com/support/messaging-fans