My Fonts Management: Uploading a Font

Upload A Custom Font & Use It Across Your Website!

Can't find the font you want within the Artist Site Builder? We've got you! Rhythmic Rebellion allows you to upload custom fonts and use them within your Artist site. 

1. To start using this feature you need to open the Artist Site Builder, proceed to the Advanced Settings, and scroll down to My font management.

2. After checking the confirmation checkbox, the Upload Font File button will highlight and become clickable.

3. Click Upload Font File and use the file browser window to find and select your desired font file. 

4. After a successful upload, you'll see the name of the font added in the list below the Upload Font File button.

5. You can remove the custom font using the corresponding Delete button.

6. Note: Even though you can add multiple custom fonts, and usual file size of fonts is rather small, don't forget to check your storage page. From there you can open the same My fonts management settings and delete the unnecessary files to save space in your account!