Color Palette

Using the color palette

When setting out to design a website, a top priority is perfecting your website’s color palette. It's important to think about what your brand stands for and the mood you want to set.

The color set you select is automatically used for the features on your website. Every column in the color palette corresponds to the elements of the different features: backgrounds, headers, buttons, etc. By changing the color palette, the colors are updated for all of the features on the current page and could be also applied to other pages.

If you want to change the palette’s colors, click one of the columns and select the color you want. The selected color will be the middle color. Lighter and darker color tones will be automatically added to the palette column.

1st Column

The first column is used for the background colors, like the site background or the background of the features.

2nd Column

This color is used for the features headers and titles, action buttons, menu colors. 

3rd Column

This column is mostly used for the button’s hover on the action buttons: menu, follow button, features’ buttons. 

4th Column

The last column is used for the block feature background color and as a supplementary color on the input fields, e.g. in the Contact feature.

Let’s also take a look at the features customization. If you want to apply a different color from the site palette to your feature, select the needed color in the feature settings. For example, the default color for the block feature is taken from the 4th column, and you want it to be selected from the 3rd one.

So, the next time you change the palette on the page, the 3rd column will be used for your block feature.

What if you don’t want your selected color on the feature to be affected by the palette change? Simply add the custom color by hitting the + button below the color palette in the feature settings.

This new color is added to your custom colors and could be used for other features as well.

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