Facebook Ads & Website Verification

Having Issues With Your URL Image When You Post It On Facebook?

If your image is not showing up correctly when you paste your URL on Facebook, go the following link and click "Scrape Again".

Facebook Domain Validation Meta-Tag Code

In your Artist Site Builder, go to the Facebook Domain Validation meta-tag entry field, add the meta tag code you get from Facebook and click the Save button. This will verify your site ownership to Facebook.

Learn more about Facebook domain verification here.

Info From Facebook:

Businesses can claim ownership of their domains in Facebook Business Manager without editing open graph markup tags on their websites.

Domain verification also allows you to manage editing permissions over your links and content in order to help prevent misuse of your domain. This includes both organic and paid content. Managing your ad link editing permissions also helps ensure only trusted employees and partners represent your brand.

Once you have verified your domain, you can assign specific Pages editing permissions for your ads. Pages associated with your Business Manager that do not have editing permissions won’t be able to make changes to your ads.