Custom Email Address Issues After Domain Change

My custom email address stopped working when I moved my domain name to Rhythmic Rebellion.

There is a separate entry that needs to be made if you have a custom email address like The registrar of your email address is where you get the info you need. Usually, it works like this: if GoDaddy is the registrar/host of your domain name like, then you will go to GoDaddy and find the MX Records then go into your artist's account, site builder, advanced tab, scroll down to DNS records and enter the text there. Below are more details.

MX and TXT records of your choice may be added to the hosted zone created for you by Rhythmic Rebellion.
You may either create records for the subdomains of your brand domain or for the brand domain itself.

To add a record to the subdomain, simply enter the subdomain name to the Name field.
Note: Your email service may not require you to enter a "Record Name" like below. You may not have a subdomain name. In the URL creation below is the domain and EXAMPLE added to the beginning creates a subdomain,  If they created a subdomain for use with your email then create it using the below method. If not, skip to the MX records entry. Most users do not need to enter a Record Name.

To add a record to the brand domain, leave the name field blank.

When your custom domain is associated with a mail server then you should add the custom MX record.
An integer preceding the mail server address represents the priority for an email server.
If you have only one mail server, the priority can be set to any integer between 0 and 65535.
The preference is used when you have more than one mail server.

Directions for MX record: Go to domain registrar and find the MX records for the domain. They usually have a number and then an email like "10". They may suggest entering more than one.  Hit "Enter" then enter the next one. Then go to the site builder, advanced tab, select DNS records. Skip the NAME. Go to Record Type and select MX. Enter the text like 10 in the VALUE field. Enter 60 in the TTL.

MX record for your brand domain may look like this:

A   TXT record is a resource record used to provide the ability to associate text with the hosted zone.
One example is ownership validation: To prove you own the domain, some service providers may require you to add
a  TXT record with a particular value to your domain. There may be other applications of the TXT record.

TXT record for your brand domain may look like this:

TTL value, in the case of RR-created hosted zone, for both MX and TXT records, cannot be less than 60 seconds.

Use (+) to add MX or TXT records.
Observe MX and TXT records format.

When you click the "Save" button your changes are applied.
Note, please, that it takes some time for your changes to apply.