Tracking Codes

Tracking Codes

You can find this functionality in the Advanced menu of the Site Builder.

Tracking Codes are small snippets of code that can be added to the HTML source code of a website. It can be numbers or letters or their variations.

Their purpose varies - they allow you to analyze the fan's activities, verifying site ownership, etc.

Facebook Pixel ID

Paste your Facebook Pixel Code to the appropriate input field and click the Save button.

Learn how to set up your Facebook Pixel ID here.

Facebook Domain Validation Meta-Tag Code

Add a meta tag code from Facebook to the input field and click the Save button.
The meta tag code will look something like this: "qbded0orkar2tztyihkl7w4jfbxllx"
This will verify your site ownership to Facebook.

Learn more about Facebook domain verification here.

Hotjar Tracking Code

If you use Hotjar service, type the Hotjar Tracking Code to collect and send the data to your account. 

See how to do it here.