Merch & CD Print & Delivery

Rhythmic Rebellion does not print or distribute merch.

Rhythmic Rebellion was built on the mission to help artists and songwriters get their fair share of profits. Although we have a multitude of tools to use including a merch store feature for selling products, printing and distributing merch or physical CDs is not something we do. Artists and their teams have to source products themselves and decide what is best for their careers.

With that said, is a great company to use for on-demand printing and fulfillment of any items you want to sell like physical CDs. Printful has locations in the USA, Canada and Europe. Printful does not print CDs or vinyl, but they do on-demand printing of most everything else. So, if you are based in the USA and your fan that lives in Europe buys your t-shirt, Printful will have it printed in Europe and delivered to your fan which greatly reduces the shipping cost and the delivery time.

In the USA ,you can use a company like in Tennessee to duplicate your CDs and have them delivered to the Charlotte, NC location of Printful for fulfillment.  

In Europe, you can have near Rome, Italy duplicate your CDs and have them delivered to Printful location in Barcelona, Spain for fulfillment.  

These are just a few of the many other companies around the world that do on-demand printing of merch, cds, or vinyl. Do some research to see what is most cost effective in your area, for you, and for your fans.