Website Header Feature

The Website Header Feature is an exceptional full-width feature that adapts itself to any device the user may use. It provides an optimal viewing experience on a laptop, widescreen, or smartphone!

Because of this responsive behavior, you cannot place any other features on the header or add more than one Header feature on the page. When you drag and drop the Header to the page, it is located at the very top and pulls all other content underneath itself.

To configure the Header Feature proceed to the Artist Site Builder, select Features, and click and drag a Header from the Features menu onto your Site Builder:

The Header consists of several other features that are placed inside it and can be customized individually:

  • Menu
  • Logo
  • Follow button
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Action button

How to Configure the Header Feature

  1. Templates are the layouts of the Header. It defines the structure of the header, the way features inside the header are displayed. Different templates can have additional settings due to the difference in layouts. By default, one of the header's templates is applied.
    1. At the moment there is only one template available. More to come in future releases. 
  2. Select a custom image for a background or use unlimited color choices or a color gradient.
  3. Define the Layout for the header by setting the position of the Text block and Image block.
  4. Use Title & Action block to adjust the look and feel of the text.
  5. Menu is similar to the common menu feature settings with just a few differences. Menu items can be aligned left, right, or centered. "Fixed Menu" checkbox makes the menu always visible on the page along with the Logo and Follow button, if enabled.

    Mobile view is presented in two options: You can select to roll up a menu to the Burger menu or show Full menu like on desktop. "Split menu into two lines" setting allows you to move the Logo and Follow button beneath the Menu.
  6. Insert a Logo into your menu as a text or an image, or their combination. 
  7. The Follow button works as a regular follow button and helps you stay connected to fans as usual. However, the size of the button is limited due to the grid size.
  8. Select an image to insert in the Image block that will represent your site.