Songwriters Can Self-Publish & Offer Their Songs to Artists

The internet is almost 40 years old and yet no one has created a way to allow songwriters to self-publish using a database where artists can search to find the perfect song...

Rhythmic Rebellion has Solved this Problem!
Introducing Songwriter Composition Self Publishing

We encourage artists and music publishers to search our database of compositions for the perfect song to record. Click on the songwriter name to visit their songwriter website and contact them!

1. Click Composition Search at the top of your Artist or Songwriter Account. You can sort by songwriter name, genre, and many other song characteristics. Click the SEARCH button to reveal your results.

2. Under the Compositions tab, an artist or publisher can use the Song Characteristics to search for the perfect song. If your album needs a 'tear-jerker' select it as one of the characteristics!

3. When you click search, you'll get a list of compositions that you can review. Click the Play button to hear the song. Click the Details arrow to reveal more information.

4. You can Follow songwriters, rate songs from 1 to 10, add them to a list for further consideration later and add notes about the song. Later, you can pull up only songwriters you follow or refine even more by only pulling up songs you have rated an 8 or higher.  

5. What we need now is for every songwriter in the world to join and place their compositions on our platform! This way we'll have a rich database of songs for artists and publishers to choose from. The more songs we have, the more willing artists and publishers will be to search our system for the perfect song to record, so be sure to recruit all of your talented friends to join our rebellion!