PDF Page

The PDF Page is available for every user of the Site Builder

Create a PDF Page

1. Select the Page you want to transform into a PDF Page and select your PDF file with the Attach PDF option.

2. Select the PDF file to be used from the file selection window. Only PDF files can be used for this. Any other file type will cause an upload error.

3. During the upload, you'll see the circle progress indicator with the option to cancel the upload if you change your mind.

PDF Successfully Attached

1. When the PDF is successfully attached to the page, the PDF icon will be added to the Page Name, identifying that this page now contains and will display the selected PDF.

2. The Page Name will automatically be changed to the PDF file name. You can manually change it if needed. NOTE: PaletteBackground, and Features steps of the Site Builder are disabled for the PDF Page because these settings can not be applied to it.

PDF Page Options

  1. TO ARTIST SITE - This link navigates fan to the website Home Page.
  2. PDF Name and Page Count - Fans can see the name of the PDF file and the current page they are on.
  3. Minimize / Maximize - Scales up or down the PDF file.
  4. Rotate - Click to rotate the PDF 90 degrees to the right.
  5. Download - Starts the download of the file.
  6. Print - Opens the system print window on your device.