Video Recording Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips For Recording A Video

Making a video with a song or message for your fans is a great way to connect with them. A great video will also keep them engaged and updated on things you're doing as a Songwriter or Artist. If you're thinking about filming a video, here are some helpful tips that will make your video look as professional as possible!

1. Equipment 

The equipment you use for your video doesn't need to be anything fancy, but having decent equipment can really make the quality of the video much better. When the quality of the video goes up, so does the message that the video seeks to get across.

Video Equipment

If you have a DSLR camera that shoots video, you should probably use this. It will help you achieve an unbelievably high-quality picture in your video with little issue. If you don't have access to a high quality camera, a smart phone camera is a very viable option. Smart phones and their camera equipment are constantly being updated to offer better video and audio quality, so don't rule out simply using your phone to record the video if that's all you have access to!

Audio Equipment

When it comes to the audio of your video, you should try to get an external microphone that either hooks into your camera or phone, or is recorded directly into a DAW (digital audio workstation) program. The audio of any video you make is key - because in the end, you want just as high-quality audio as your video footage.

Many recording artists pay for DAW programs like Logic or Ableton, but there are also programs like Garage Band that can be downloaded for free on the app store if it didn't already come loaded onto your MAC computer.

2. Video Style

Once you have all your equipment set up and ready to record your video, it's time to plan out what actually happens in the video. You should also decide what you want the video to accomplish. Then, use everything at your disposal to make your video accomplish that goal!

What Song or Subject?

The song you pick and the subject of your message are very important. Pick a fan favorite song, or maybe release a video of a track that has never been seen before. You could even have a quick talk with a band member about the roots of the band, your writing process or some upcoming events. You know your fans best. so choose a song or subject that you know they'll care about and respond positively to.


Where is the video being filmed? In your studio, bedroom, living room, on the beach, in a local park? The location of your video will set the stage for what you want the video to accomplish - maybe the location of the video has something to do with why you wrote the song. Don't be afraid to get creative and think outside the box!

Aesthetic of the Video

The aesthetic of the video is really about what kind of feel you want your video to have. Think about what you're wearing in the video, outside noise that might leak into the audio you take, and how that fits in with the song you chose or what message you're promoting. Then, use the aesthetic to further support your song and message.


Make sure you don't film too late at night or in poor lighting. You want the video to be crisp and clear with regard to what you want the video to accomplish. If you're going for a dark somber feeling, leave the lighting low, but not too low that viewers can't tell what's going on. Natural lighting is great, but that means you'll need to plan your video shoot around the best daylight times before the lighting shifts. If you plan on doing a lot of self-filming, you may want to consider purchasing a lighting rig. There are many options (including umbrella lights and ring lights) at prices ranging from low to high, that really help bring a video set to life. 

3. Editing

Now that you've got all the footage you need for your video, use the editing process to sync up the video and the audio. You can also use the editing process to take anything out of the video you don't like, change up the filters on the camera lenses, add title and end credits to acknowledge the team that helped you with the video and overdub some audio as needed. You can even edit in a watermark or your logo that shows your website where you sell your music!

The editing process is where your video will really come together. If you don't know how to edit video or don't own editing software, find someone who does and work closely with them so that your vision can shine through! There are also many free or inexpensive user-friendly phone and tablet apps available in the app store if you wanted to try them out!

4. Sharing Your Video

Now that your video is complete, upload the video onto your Rhythmic Rebellion website and share it with your fans! Tell all your friends and fans about your new video on your social websites so they can go check it out, or consider using your Mailing List to send out an email to all of your followers.