How to Live Stream

Rhythmic Rebellion allows you to live stream your performance and make that stream available to fans on your RR Artist Website!

Live streaming setup in Rhythmic Rebellion will require you to:

  • Install the streaming software on your computer.
  • Enable and adjust Live Streaming Settings in the Asset Manager of your Artist Account.
  • Place a Video Feature with Live Streaming on your Artist Site Builder where your fans can watch the stream!

Live Streaming Setup & Software

1. Download and install software on your computer that will capture the video in real time and send it to our server - we recommend that you use OBS - Open Broadcaster Software

Download it here! Be sure to click on the Windows or Apple icon to choose whether you want your download for PC or Mac.

2. Open the OBS application and adjust the Video and Audio capture devices: 

  • Double click on the Input section under Sources
  • Select "Built In Microphone" if you're using your computer's microphone, or select your audio interface if you're using an external microphone. This selection depends on your environment, so we do not elaborate on it here.
  • Click OK and double click "Video Capture Device".
  • Select your preferred camera device. Choose your built-in computer camera, which should be listed, or select an external camera you may have set up, and click OK.
  • If you have any issues with this setup, please consult the OBS help page.

3. Setup Live Stream in your RR Account:

  • Inside your Artist Account, click on Asset Manager. Click on Videos from the left panel, and select the Live Streaming tab.
  • Click Enable Streaming and it will give you your Streaming URL. Click the Copy button.

4. Link your RR Live Stream to your OBS Stream:

  • Go to the OBS Settings, then Stream, and choose Custom
  • Paste the Stream URL you received in the Asset Manager Live Streaming section into the Server field.

  • DELETE the /RRlive portion at the end of the Stream URL that you are pasting in the Server field

  • You must now enter RRlive as the Stream Key and click OK.

5. Start your Live Stream in OBS first:

  • Click Start Streaming in your OBS software to start the software's live video capture.

6. Now start your Live Stream in Rhythmic Rebellion:

  • Go to the Asset Manager of your Artist Account and click Video
  • Under Live Streaming, click the blue Enable Streaming button. This action starts some background processing that sets up all the necessary infrastructure to make your live streaming possible - this may take some time. If you've already done this, and it's registering, see the next screenshot.

  • Wait until you see the following interface. Add a Stream Name, Schedule it if need be, and select your Preview photo.

7. Click the Start Stream button to start streaming! It may take a few seconds to start (quick, fix your hair! ;) Wait until the status says Running.

8. You can see your stream playing right here by clicking the Play button. If you see your stream and also have Video Feature with Live Streaming on your site, then your visitors can also enjoy your stream! If you haven't set this up on your website yet, see Add Live Stream Feature To Your Website in the following steps.

When you're done, click the Stop Stream button.

Stream Settings:

  • Stream URL
    You can copy and paste this URL into the appropriate place in your client streaming software to enable streaming.
  • Stream Name
    Stream Name will be seen by your fans in the Video feature when you are live streaming.
  • Schedule
    Set your stream start time and the duration that you will be live. 
    Note that you may start your stream regardless of these settings, but its duration will be limited up to 3 hours.
  • Preview Picture
    Select a picture to display on the Video Feature on your site when you are not streaming.

    Choose whatever settings you need!

Add Live Stream Feature To Your Website

1. Go to the Artist Site Builder, click on Features, and drag the Video Feature onto your Artist site.

2. Click on the Video Feature Settings and choose Live Streaming. Select the Live Stream Feature you just set up (in the example below, we named ours "Sundress Season"). Then click Apply and most importantly, SAVE!

3. Don't forget to Publish your site with this Video Feature, so that any site visitor will be able to watch your stream!