How To Live Stream

Rhythmic Rebellion allows you to live stream your performance & make that stream available to fans on your Live Streaming Page!

Live Streaming setup in Rhythmic Rebellion will require you to:

  • Install the streaming software on your computer.
  • Enable and adjust Live Streaming General Settings in the Asset Manager of your Artist Account and work with the Artist View to set up your Live Streaming Page.
  • Share Live Streaming Product Page or Live Streaming Page with your audience.

Live Streaming Setup & Software

1. Download and install software on your computer that will capture the video in real time and send it to our server - we recommend that you use OBS - Open Broadcaster Software.

Download it here! Be sure to click on the Windows or Apple icon to choose whether you want your download for PC or Mac.

2. Open the OBS application and adjust the Video and Audio capture devices: 

  • Double click on the Input section under Sources.
  • Select Built In Microphone if you're using your computer's microphone, or select your audio interface if you're using an external microphone. This selection depends on your environment, so make the best choice for yourself.
  • Click OK and double click Video Capture Device.
  • Select your preferred camera device. Choose your built-in computer camera, which should be listed, or select an external camera you may have set up, then click OK.
  • If you have any issues with this setup, please consult the OBS help page.

3. Now setup the Live Stream in your RR Account:

  • Inside your Artist Account, click on Asset Manager. Click on Live Streaming from the left panel, and select the General Settings tab.*Note that you cannot use Live Streaming if you do not have a Published Artist website.
  • Name your Live Streaming event, set the date and time of your performance, describe it and choose the preview picture.

  • As soon as you get to General Settings, your Live Streaming event is assigned 2 URLs: 

    Live Streaming Product Page URL and Live Streaming Page URL

    Live Streaming Product Page URL is to sell your event at the "Price to watch". Share this URL with Fans, promote it on social media, etc. The Live Streaming Page URL becomes available to your Fans as soon as they purchase it via the Live Streaming Product Page. Switch on the Show in Store toggle when you want this product to appear on your Artist Store page.

  • Click the Get server link button to see the Server URL and a Key you will need to sync streaming.*See how to start streaming with OBS below.

  • At this point note that the Artist View is now available. Go there!

    Artist View is your studio. Here you can adjust your Live Streaming event, manage Fan chat and Live Streaming Page. All changes you make to Artist View are automatically reflected on the Live Streaming Page as soon as you click Publish. If you start streaming, you will see yourself in a stream window in Artist View. Still, at this time your Fans see nothing - this is a preview for you as an Artist. Make sure your surroundings, sound quality, etc., satisfy you.

  • Note the Follow, Artist Store and Tip buttons. You may hide them from your Fans or rename them. Note that when you hide the Artist Store button, then your Artist Store is removed from Live Streaming Page too.

  • When you're about to start streaming click Publish. This publishes your Live Streaming Page but does not set you live yet! Fans can see and use the chat, click through to your Artist Store and all buttons, but will not see the actual streaming yet, even if you started streaming from OBS.

  • To let Fans see your streaming click Go Live! To end streaming, click Stop Streaming.

    Note that when you stop streaming, RR records your event along with the chat history. You may find this record in your Live Streams library. It will be available from there for sale via the same URLs.

4. How to link your RR Live Stream to your OBS Stream and start streaming:

  • Go to the OBS Settings, then Stream, and choose Custom
  • Paste the Server URL you received in the Asset Manager Live Streaming section into the Server field.
  • Paste the Key you received in the Asset Manager Live Streaming section into the Stream Key field.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Start Streaming in your OBS software to start the software's live video capture.