Mailing List Information

The Mailing List is where you can see fans that have agreed to share their email with you.

Inside your Artist Account, click on Fans on the top menu Mailing List on the left menu.

 There are two ways your fans can share their email with you:
  1. Fans can sign up using the Mailing List Feature on your website. Learn more here.
  2. When fans click the Follow button on your website, our system automatically asks the fan if they are willing to share their email with you. If they say yes, you'll see their email and under "source" you will see "Follow".
Using your mailing list:

Use the select box to the left of each email to select them for actions like "Exporting to a spreadsheet". The "Mail" box at the top allows you to select the whole page at once. Use this to export your emails and use them in an outside mailing platform. Stay tuned, because soon we will have our own mailing system you can use right from within your RR site!