Will You Give Up Rights or Ownership Of Your Songs?

Does Rhythmic Rebellion or its parent, Patron Empowerment INC, take any ownership in your songs?

>>> NO!

Can I delete my accounts?

>>> See answer below:

We do need permission from you to allow fans to hear your music. 

The user agreements that you sign grant us a license and permission to offer your songs to fans for entertainment. The agreement also asks you to allow us to grant others permissions. This allows for things like songs to be shared to Facebook, Instagram, other places where music is shared on the web. When you sell songs and other content to fans, you grant them a license to enjoy your content. As an example, with songs, this license is forever which is why our policy states that you must grant us a license to allow your fan access to these songs forever if the situation requires it.

The good news is that you, as the artist, are in complete control of how your songs are offered to fans. 

You can set a release date, allow different types of previews, and post individual songs anywhere on your website. You get to decide where your songs and music are sold.

Rhythmic Rebellion is like any other website builder or streaming service and our user agreements are similar to those. We are not a music label or publisher that takes copyright interest or ownership in your music.

Can I delete my music creator accounts on Rhythmic Rebellion if I want to? 

We cannot always allow this and the following explanation will help you understand why. Our mission is to help music creators make more money by coming up with creative digital content and features that artists can sell to fans. Most fans prefer NOT to download content to their devices. They expect everything to be stored in the internet cloud. Rhythmic Rebellion works this way. Your fans can buy access to songs, karaoke, fan song mixer, your private content, etc... and they expect to get access to what they bought through their Rhythmic Rebellion account without having to store it on their phone. So the artist (you) and Rhythmic Rebellion must honor this purchase and access to content forever. If you were allowed to delete your accounts then the fan's paid access to your content would be removed. The world is constantly changing and we as music creators must think of things differently and keep up with the innovation or we will be left behind. In fact, music creators are way behind in taking advantage of the digital world and digitals sales and the Rhythmic Rebellion mission is to fix that!

Learn why our software is free to use!

So how does Rhythmic Rebellion make money? Right now we are surviving on investments from people that believe in our mission and that music creators will appreciate a platform that helps them make money and treats them fairly. Right now we offer all our services for free to creators and we make no money. In fact, we pay music creators for things like $2 for each fan they sign up. This approach helps us attract more music creators and sign up more fans.

Our goal is to come up with creative entertainment for you to sell to your fans like our Artist Premiere (access to private content) and our Fan Song Mixer (fan makes their own mix of your song). In the future we will also ask that you let us retain a small percentage of your sales. Also in the future, once we build up our music and fanbase, we will offer subscriptions and ads to fans. We will pay the bills with this money and split the profits with the music creators as streaming royalties. 
Note: Today we do not pay a streaming royalty. You get to choose whether to let your fans stream your song or if you want it to be for sale only. We will pay a streaming royalty in the future and we think our business model will allow a fair royalty and hopefully the highest royalty paid by any platform.

Our dream is that we build a music entertainment platform that assists music creators in making more money than they can on any other website builder or streaming platform. We are making this dream come true by treating all music creators like partners. The only thing left to make this dream a reality is for all music creators to sign up, create their music and websites, and invite their fans to join!

So do your part and invite all your music creator friends to join...and thank you for being a part of our Rhythmic Rebellion!

Read our User Agreement. You sign this agreement at the time you create an account.