Bandsintown Widget

How Do I Get the Bandsintown Tour Widget to my Rhythmic Rebellion Site Builder?

Rhythmic rebellion allows you to easily incorporate your Bandsintown tour to your Artist site!

We use the Bandsintown events widget adapted to RR Site Builder, but you don't need to do anything with code generation.

To place the Bandsintown Tour Widget on your RR website you must: 
1. Have a working account on Bandsintown.
2. Have an active tour already set on Bandsintown, otherwise, you'll see an empty space.

Add a Bandsintown Tour Widget to your Artist Site

1. Open the Site Builder from your Artist Account. Add the Tour Feature to your page:

2. Select Bandsintown tab in Tour Feature Settings:

3. Enter your Artist Name exactly the same as you have it in Bandsintown. If the conditions described above are satisfied, you'll see the active tour as you constructed it in Bandsintown:

4. You can customize tour details such as display details, local events, start time, lineup, etc. You can also manage the style and appearance by adjusting the settings.

5. Save and Publish the site!

6. As a result, you'll get something like this: