Cost of Using Rhythmic Rebellion

What is the cost or charge for using our software?

In short, we don't make money unless you do.

We retain 15% of digital sales and 5% of physical merch sales.
We also retain the cost of credit and debit card processing fees. Stripe is less expensive on larger purchases, over $12, and PayPal is less expensive on purchases less than $12. We take advantage of PayPal's micropayments processing fees.

Digital sales includes digital album sales, karaoke, MxRRs, Artist Premier, live streaming, fan clubs, and anything else that is completely digital.

Physical sales are t-shirts, caps, hoodies, and other things you can hold in your hand.

The great thing about using Rhythmic Rebellion for your merch store is that your fans can buy digital and physical items in one checkout. Plus, your fan can download our Apple or Android app to enjoy the digital music, karaoke, MxRRs, and other digital items. You don't get this with other website builders.

Our mission is to help you make a living in music again. Streaming royalties will always be low, so we are using innovation to replace lost album sales. Giving you the ability to selling karaoke, MxRRs, and single payment access to exclusive content are just a few ways we are accomplishing this goal. We have the best music selling platform on the planet allowing pre-orders and and app for music listening. We report to Billboard and selling music is the best way to hit the charts. And you, the music creator, are in control of everything. 

Learn more about our mission here: Our Mission