Cost of Using Rhythmic Rebellion

What is the cost or charge for using our software?

At this time it is FREE to use the software provided by Rhythmic Rebellion.

Our mission is to help artists, songwriters, and all music creators make money. In the future we will offer ads to our fans and subscriptions like other streaming services do. Our goal is to come up with creative entertainment for you to sell to your fans like our Artist Penthouse (access to private content) and our Fan Song Mixer (fan makes their own mix of your song). In the future, we will also ask that you let us retain a small percentage of your sales - but we have plans to eliminate transaction fees that you get charged by PayPal and credit card processors, so this means you still end up with more money in your pocket even after your contribution to our cause.

We plan to offer services similar to MailChimp, where you can send out mass emails to all of your fans. We also seek to offer other services for music creators but many of these services cost us money to integrate into our software and/or create. These services are free now, but we may have to pass this cost along to our creators at some point.

Not only are we free, but we pay our creators for things like signing up fans - check out Fan Sign Up. We offer artist sponsorship's and we run social media ads that advertise you and drive fans to your website. We plan to have "Song Streaming Contest" where we pay the top 20 artists and songwriters for the songs with the most streams for the month. Our goal is to get fans to sign up and use Rhythmic Rebellion to support their favorite artists. We hope to have 100 million fans within 4 years. We need our artists help to make this happen.

Once we have 100,000 active monthly fans we can start running ads. We will split these profits with the music creators on the platform. What we need now is music creators and music on Rhythmic Rebellion! So, ask your music creator friends to join us and sign up all of your fans who will help support both you and the platform as a whole!

Learn more about our mission here: Our Mission

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