Domain Name With WIX

Wix does not allow redirects and the only solution is to transfer your domain.

Our method for giving you nameservers (so that your domain is redirected to your Rhythmic Rebellion website) is not allowed with Wix. Wix asks for an IP address to point your name to - but that does not allow for the SSL certificates that prove your website is secure, therefore IP pointing is not sufficient to transfer your domain to your Rhythmic Rebellion website.

Wix is a reseller of domain names through and we think this causes the complication.

Our only solution in this case is for you to create an account with another registrar and transfer your domain there. We are not affiliated with GoDaddy in any way, but we do know their software works with our needs.

See the following link --->

In February 2020, GoDaddy offered domain transfers for $7.99. Go to that link above, register, and GoDaddy will notify Wix to transfer your domain name to them. It can take up to a few days for the transfer to complete, but once done your domain can be used for your Rhythmic Rebellion website!