Cover Songs

Cover Songs require a License...and it's easy to get one!

One of our missions is to make sure that all music creators are paid fairly for their work. Because we have no way to pay the songwriter when you do a cover of a song, we ask that you buy a license for that cover song. This license will ensure that all songwriters are paid for their work.

Once you buy your license contact RR support and we can flip a switch that allows you to create a cover song where you are not a songwriter.

Note: To be allowed to stream cover songs on your website requires a Custom License. This might be more expensive than you want. However, the license to sell cover songs on your website makes sense. You can place the song on your website for sale only with a preview.
Learn more about getting a Custom License here: is a company that you can buy licenses from. Click here to read more about licenses

Digital Download License

If your fan buys a song while on your website built on Rhythmic Rebellion, your fan can download the song in WAV or Mp3 or they can listen to the song in the music player without downloading it. This is legal for cover songs as long as you have a license.

A digital download license for 100 downloads is $.261 per download. For 1000 downloads it costs $.108. The more you buy, the cheaper it is.

If you don't want to buy the streaming license, then inside your Song Recording Title (SRT) form (in your Artist Account), select "NO" on the "allow on-demand streaming question" and choose the 90 second preview option. Then you would only need to buy the download license.