Accounts Overview

Rhythmic Rebellion Creators Accounts:  

Artist Account

  • For promoting your career in all facets as a music Artist.

Songwriter Account

  • To sell uploaded songs and have a place to market your music to publishers.

Publisher Account

  • To publish music for an assortment of songwriters.

Label Account

  • To manage all your artists and their websites.

Rhythmic Rebellion is a streaming service driven by Music Creators. Thus, before the music record is available for the fans, several checkpoints need to be accomplished:

  1. Creating and Releasing the Song Composition Title (SCT) by the Songwriter. A songwriter can define the co-writers that were involved somehow in creating the composition and set their share percent. The Music Publishers are also defined by the Songwriter when registering the specific SCT.
  2. Creating and Releasing the Song Recording Title (SRT) by the Artist, SRT should be connected to the SCT, There is no ability to create the recording without identifying which Composition was used, so the information about the Songwriters of specific Recording is never lost inside Rhythmic Rebellion. Artist either owns the recording rights by him / herself or identifies the Music Label which is the rights owner.