Fan Site Overview

Watch This Video For An Overview Of Our Fan Site

In this video, we're going to do an overview of the Rhythmic Rebellion Fan Site, showing you how to use it and the different options and features that are available to you. 

1. First, let’s look at the options in our Fan Site Account. Click on your profile picture at the top left of the screen and a panel will slide out with different Account Options.

2. Profile Settings allow you to change your profile picture, name, contact info, and other personal details.

3. My Cart shows any items you've added to your cart while browsing the Rhythmic Rebellion website. You can click on each item to display a drop down menu with more options.

4. My Purchases shows you all of your past purchases as well as those pending. This includes any karaoke backing tracks purchased!

5. Listening Settings allow you to choose whether or not you want to hear song commentary and artist bios when listening to music. You also have an option to filter explicit material.

6. Communication Settings let you control how your profile information is shared with artists you follow so they can keep you updated on events.

7. Contact Us is a simple form where you can contact Rhythmic Rebellion for questions, comments, and suggestions for the support team.

8. Use the Log Out button to sign out of the Fan Site. If you also have a Creator Account, there will be a button to go back to the Creator Site.

9. Next, let’s take a look at the Music Player at the top of the website. In addition to providing song and playlist navigation, the Music Player will display info about the artist or song that you're currently listening to.

10. After clicking on a song, you'll see the song information populate the Music Player like the song name, artist name, and an option to Follow the artist. 

11. On the right, you'll see song navigation options: You can thumbs up or thumbs down the song, restart this song, go to the previous or next song, and pause and play the song you're currently listening to. You'll only be able to go to the “next” or “previous” song here if you're in a Playlist or have added another song to your current listening playlist. This can be done by clicking the three dots next to a song and clicking Play Next or Play Last.

12. Click the Video button, and if the artist has a video uploaded for the song you're listening to, it will be available to watch!

13. Next is the Lyrics button. Click on it and choose to either view all of the lyrics at one time, or follow along with them through the Video Lyrics / Karaoke panel. There's an option to have the lyrics scroll or to have them show up as phrases - you can even choose to display the lyrics full screen! If the artist has a backing track uploaded, you can actually sing Karaoke with the backing track of their song!

14. Click the Comments button to see comments left by other listeners for that particular song.

15. Next we have the Promo button. This will bring up more info about the song or artist and will show you links to visit the artist and songwriter's site. 

16. The Playlists button displays the current playlist you're listening to, your saved playlists, and the artists you are following. To add to or create a playlist, visit a page that has a song you want to listen to. Click on the three dot button for the song and select To Playlist. There you can choose to add it to a pre-existing playlist or create a new one! 

17. On the Rhythmic Rebellion Home Page, you'll see playlists that have been curated by Rhythmic Rebellion - these can include songs from many artists. If you want to add any of the songs in these playlists to your personal playlists, simply do so through the 3 dot menu.

18. Now let’s visit an artist's website. Depending on how the artist designs their website, it may look different than others - not all sites will have the same layout or pages. In general, there will be pages where you can listen to their music. If you click on a song and click on the three button menu, you'll be presented with different options. If you are not signed in to your account, you will have “play now” “play next” play last” and “share”. If you are signed in to your account, you'll also have the option to add the song to a playlist. Depending on if you've already purchased the music from the artist or not, you'll be able to download the song. If an artist has a song available to purchase, when you click on the 3 dot menu you'll see an option to Add to Cart.

19. We encourage you to browse over the various playlists and artists on our website and if you find artists you enjoy, make sure you click the Follow button so you can be updated whenever they release new songs or updates!