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Replace Your Artist Website With One That Makes You Money! was created to help music creators and their management make more money.

Do you feel like artist websites are obsolete? It's hard to sell music. The artist "following" is now built on social media - your artist websites are pretty much a waste of time.

Rhythmic Rebellion was founded by music creators because on-demand streaming killed our ability to sell albums and we wanted to find a solution. We have a long term goal to pay a higher streaming royalty (higher than other stream services pay) as part of our streaming platform, but for now let's talk about our solutions for today.

We Have Created Alternative Incomes To Replace Lost Album Sales!

  • Sell your fan a bundle that includes a download of the album, access to private content, access to the Fan Song Mixer, and access to Karaoke.
  • We offer our tools to you free of cost.
  • We created an easy to use website builder so anyone on your staff can build your artist websites.
  • One Master Account login can be used to manage all of your artist's websites and content.
  • We have a well-crafted song and album selling system. 
  • Our Artist Penthouse Feature allows you to create private pages that fans pay to access. Most music fans prefer a one-time payment for access rather than a subscription.
  • Our Fan Song Mixer (MxRR) allows your fans to pay you to get access to a 6 track mixer where they can mix their own version of the artist's song. You upload tracks (stems) of drums, bass, guitar, vocal, and so on up to 6 total (group them how you choose!).
  • Give access to Karaoke by uploading a backing track without the vocals.
  • The fan gets access to all this through their own account and our music player mounted at the top of your artist's website.
  • We have a Merch Store where you can add physical goods to your digital bundle if you want!
  • Your artists will encourage their fans to visit their website, click their Follow button, sign up with Rhythmic Rebellion, and we pay you $2 for each fan. That alone will make you more money than streaming royalties!

Sign up at as a music creator. We also have Music Label and Publisher accounts.  

Learn more about our mission here: Our Mission

Use this checklist to create songwriter and artist accounts: Checklist for Account Creation

Watch our video describing our website builder: Website Builder

Here are some websites built on our platform: 

Contact us using the help icon in the bottom right corner of your account or email us at

And There's MORE!

We have iOS and Android apps for your artists so they can post images and videos directly to their websites from their phone.

We have iOS and Android apps for your fans so they can enjoy the music and content of your artist's websites right from within the app. 

And we are just getting started. Join us and share your ideas on new ways to sell entertainment to fans and help us further increase the income of all music creators and their management.

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