Warning: Your Connection Is Not Private

When I type in my website address it returns a page that says "Your Connection Is Not Private" - Why does this happen?

Don't use WWW in front of your website name like www.artistname.rhythmic-rebellion.com.

The internet is doing away with www. We obtain security certificates for your website URL but the internet sees artistname.rhythmic-rebellion.com as a different URL than www.artistname.rhythmic-rebellion.com. We have decided there is no need to issue a certificate for both.

If you move your own dot com domain name to your Rhythmic Rebellion website, we do issue a certificate on both artistname.com and www.artistname.com so either way your fans type it they will land on your website with no problem.

If you type www (like www.artistname.rhythmic-rebellion.com) you will see the message as displayed in the screenshot below. We don't think it's worth the time or money to issue security certificates on the www versions. The site is secure and there is no danger, but because we have not certified it with www, the internet servers cannot be sure and therefore issue a warning.

Potential Issues

We had an artist that did not remove some previous name servers that were entered with their registrar. This was causing browsers to issue the warning that "Your connection is not private".