How to Complete your Purchase in Cart

Why You Cannot Buy On The App

Due to the high fees charged, fans cannot buy digital goods using Google or Apple mobile apps. Items can be added to a wishlist which shows up in your shopping cart on a web browser. 

How To Make A Purchase

In order to complete the purchases, fans must use the web version of our application.  

1. Open Rhythmic-Rebellion in your browser.

2. Log in using your app's credentials.

3. Open the fan menu by clicking on the fan's Profile icon in the left top corner.

4. Open the My Cart menu. All items in your cart will be marked with a green checkmark.

5. If you have a Gift Code for certain items in the cart, type it into the corresponding Gift Code field. If the code is active, has a valid format and responds to the selected item, the item will become free.

6. If you want to support an artist, add tips. Click one of the provided buttons from $1 to $20 or type the amount to the entry field. It will be counted in the Total field.

7. When you are ready to proceed with purchases, hit the PayPal button. In the provided pop-up fill out the Login and Password fields to finish buying.

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