Streaming Royalties

Music streaming companies are required to pay a licensing fee to allow fans to hear your music.

These licensing fees are usually not paid directly to the music creator but to a collection agency like SoundExchange or your PRO like BMI, SESAC, and ASCAP.

Spotify and Pandora are examples of companies that pay these fees. Artists that have released copies of their royalty statements show companies paying around .005 cents per stream, some higher, some lower, and some much lower. On-demand streaming has hurt the artist's ability to sell songs and albums and streaming royalties have not replaced that income. No matter what, streaming royalties will always be low and no company is going to change that. We are trying to think outside the box to come up with creative solutions other than streaming royalties to increase music artist and songwriters income.

Today, Rhythmic Rebellion is NOT a music streaming company.  We are an artist and music promotional company providing tools to help artists build a fanbase and we offer creative ways to sell entertainment to your fans.

A few ways that we help music creators right now are:

  • Website Builder - Because we focus only on music creators and their needs, our websites are better suited for music creators than other sites like Wix. Wix has been around a lot longer than us and they certainly have us beat when it comes to user-friendliness of their builder, but when it comes to tools, features, and just things to help music creators...we win. :)
  • Song and Album Selling System - We have 45 sec, 90 sec, and full song previews from 1-10. This is a great way to let your fan fall in love with the song while encouraging them to buy it. They also get access to a karaoke player with your version of the song with no vocal track if you have it.
  • Artist Premiere (access to private content) - You can create private website pages where you place videos, songs, and exclusive content. Then, your fans pay to get access to that exclusive web page. We decided on that name because the Premiere is always the top floor of a building, where you need a special key, and it's where all the fun happens - everyone wants to be there! So tell your fans to join you in your Artist Premiere. It's the place to be and the ultimate place a superfan can really connect with you as an artist!
  • Gift Codes - These can be used for promotion and to help drive new fans to sign up and follow you - because everyone loves a free song download! You can even use these to grant free access to your Artist Premiere or to giveaway other merch.
  • CrowdFunding - You can create CrowdFunding campaigns right on your website. No need to go somewhere else and create an account where they take a cut of your crowdfunding money raised! Plus, you don't need to meet your goal of the campaign in order to get the funds that your fans, friends, and family donate.
  • Artist Song Introductions - Create an audio file that is played before your song so that fans hear you introduce your own song. There is also audio Song Commentary, Artist Bio's, and Artist Announcements, all played before your songs to help fans connect with you. On other streaming platforms, you are just another song. On our platform, your fans get to know you.

There are many additional features being developed plus we release new software updates nearly every month. We are always working to benefit artists, songwriters, and to change the industry! Stay tuned!

In the future, we want to pay a streaming royalty.

We are just getting started. Once we build up our artists, music, and fanbase, we will start to offer ads on things like audio, video, and the platform display. We know that the best way to pay a fair streaming royalty is the split the profits with the music creators. That way, we are all on the same team, working to encourage fans to use Rhythmic Rebellion as their music streaming source, and doing everything we can to benefit everyone.

You can help make this a reality by inviting all your music creator friends to join and helping sign up your fans to follow you. Our success will not happen overnight and it is going to take some work. The good news is we have been working on this software since January 2017 and we are ready! Imagine if we could sign up every music creator today and every fan tomorrow? We would have instant success and you would have the opportunity to make more money than you ever have. Let's do this!

Common Questions?

  1. Are you required to pay a streaming royalty?
    1. Today we are a website provider just like Wix, SquareSpace, and others. They don't pay you, you pay them. We are free for anyone to use. So if we are saving you $20 a month that is equal to 4000 streams at .005 cents each. If you participate in our fan sign up program you get $2 for each fan and if you sign up 50 fans in one month you've earned $100. That's way better than a streaming royalty!
  2. Why are streaming royalties so low with other streaming companies?  
    1. Most streaming companies get income through ads and subscriptions. The number of streams they must pay for, divided into that money leaves a very small payment per stream. Then they pay the money to collection agencies that take a cut of the money. Eventually, the money makes it to the music creator. Rhythmic Rebellion is taking a different approach and we think we can solve this problem. Note: In Summer 2019 Spotify was receiving over 40,000 new songs a day from artists - getting your song heard on Spotify is not easy.
  3. If I join Rhythmic Rebellion do I still need to sign up with a PRO like BMI and SoundExchange?
    1. Yes. We are not a collection agency. They only way to get money for streams from Spotify, Pandora, and any of the other streamers is to be registered with the proper royalty collection agencies. Some music distribution companies like CDbaby might offer to take care of royalty collections for you. Make sure you understand what services you are provided and what you need to do in addition.