PayPal Issues

Here's a List of PayPal Issues We've Documented:

Complaint filed by your fan/customer

If your fan/customer files a complaint with PayPal saying they did not receive delivery of an item, PayPal will request proof that you sold a real item and that you shipped it. They may even freeze your account until you provide this. 

This is easy for a t-shirt but not so easy for a digital item.

For intangible or digital goods: You must provide compelling evidence that the intangible item or digital good was delivered or provided as described, or that the service was completed as described. Compelling evidence can include any evidence available to prove that your buyer received the goods or services or benefited from the transaction. You must comply with any terms and conditions that apply to the purchase. Read more about the PayPal Protection Program.
Most digital items on Rhythmic Rebellion continue to be available to the fan long after the purchase. We are your fan's cloud storage for songs and other types of audio files. First, you need to make it clear to PayPal that it was a digital item they purchased. Next explain how the fan gets access to the item and attempt to prove that the fan has access to the item.

If your money is sent to an email you own but not the one you use for PayPal, just add that email to your PayPal account.

The following is taken from this link: Money Sent to Wrong Email
PayPal says that you can add this email (where we sent your money) to your existing PayPal account. PayPal allows each user to link and confirm a total of 8 email addresses. Any one of the 8 addresses can accept payments! Once you link and confirm that address, PayPal will credit the money to your Account Balance.

Adding Additional Emails:  

1. Log into your PayPal account, click the settings icon in the top right corner, and select Account Settings.
2. In the left menu click on Account Owner Information and where you see email click update
3. Click the  + button in the top right. You will see a message that says you can add up to X amount of emails - see the image below. If that does not load the money into PayPal, then go to the email where we mistakenly sent the money and click the button inside the email. Because you have now registered that email with PayPal, it should automatically find it and load the money.

The screenshot below was taken November 2019.
Issue Checking Out With Debit or Credit Card in Europe

In some European countries, Spain and Ukraine as examples, PayPal does not allow you to checkout using a debit or credit card unless you have a PayPal account and are logged in. You also must attach the card you want to use inside your PayPal account. This issue was reported in December 2021.