Music Label: Manage Songs

Review Songs That You Manage

When inside your Music Label Account, click Songs in the left menu to view the songs that are under your management.In order to start owning the rights to a song, you need to click the Accept button. The status will be changed to Rights Accepted. Starting from this moment, you, as a Music Label, will receive all the revenue from sales of the song, its instrumental karaoke version or Fan Song Mixer, depending upon which features have been added and set up for each song.

If an Artist sent the request by mistake, simply hit the Decline button. 

How To Release Rights On A Song

Currently, it is impossible to release rights on a song. A Music Label can transfer the rights to another Music Label by clicking the Transfer Rights button.

It is required to have the Music Label's Account ID to confirm the action of transferring rights.

The Transfer Rights action can only be canceled if the new owner has not accepted it yet.