The Catalog is an asset inside the Music Publisher account which is intended to collect different song compositions of various songwriters. 

To create a new Catalog - please follow Assets / Catalogs / Add Catalog button:

Catalog cards

Created Catalog has "Edit", and “Close” buttons.

Clicking the  "Edit" button opens the  "Edit Catalog" form.
By clicking  the "Remove" button appears the warning pop-up window:

Track List accordion opens the list of song compositions added to the catalog with their duration and Songwriter name.

If there are no added song compositions, the message is displayed “There are no compositions added to this Catalog.“

Catalog form

Catalog form creation consists of the following fields:

  • Catalog Name - Input field that allows naming your catalog

  • Catalog description - Input field for catalog description

  • Catalog Image - Image picker with the ability to pick an already uploaded image or upload a new image. 

  • Attach Songs - This is where you can search for and add songs to your Catalog.