Audio File Requirements

Audio files can be shared between your Songwriter and Artist Accounts if you are a singer / songwriter. You will not need to upload audio files twice if you choose to upload your songs in WAV format!

Important | Troubleshooting

1. Your songs must be in WAV format for your Artist Account. The Artist Account will ask for Mp3's for song intros, commentary and other features. 

Mp3's can be used in your Songwriter Account. If you are a Songwriter only and are just using the audio files as an example to artists and publishers of what your song sounds like, then you can use an Mp3 file.

If you're signing up as both a Songwriter and Artist we recommend just uploading the WAV file; as a singer / songwriter, uploading your studio quality audio files in a WAV format is best. We'll automatically convert it to Mp3 for you!

Note about Mp3 files: There are many versions of Mp3's - not all of them work with our system.
Your Mp3 needs to have a bitrate no higher than 320 kbps and not lower than a bitrate of 192 kbps.

2. MIME ERROR! If you try to upload an Mp3 and you get message saying "your file is the wrong MIME type" export the track again from your recording software and pay close attention to your settings. Make sure you select Mp3 as the file type and 192 kbps as the quality. Some recording software offers advanced options that might include a MIME setting. If you see this make sure you select MPEG. Browser windows can only play certain types of Mp3's so make sure we get the right type of file. If you continue to have trouble, then export your file as a WAV - WAV files seem to always work!

As an example, in GarageBand under the SHARE menu item, you see "Export Song to Disk". Here you'll be able to choose from different bit rates - 192 is preferred 

Upload Audio Files

1. To upload the files you either use click +Add files to select the file or drag and drop directly to the panel. 

2. Then select desired files in system menu. After files are selected they appears as a blocks. Click the Upload button to start the upload process.

3. The upload progress is reflected by the pink progress line. Navigating away from this page during upload may interfere with your audio upload.