Why is the Platform so Complicated...

Why the complication? 

Because we follow the rules of the music business...and THE MUSIC BUSINESS IS COMPLICATED!

We are not just another website builder. We're different than anything that exists today. The reason we are 'complicated' is that our business model requires that we follow the rules of the music business. Music creators and especially songwriters have seen a decrease in income do to on-demand streaming and our goal is to fix that problem.

Our solution is to pay songwriters directly when their songs generate income instead of paying outside collection agencies that take a cut of the profit. That's why we have songwriter accounts separate from artist accounts. Under the music business laws, a singer/songwriter gets paid as a songwriter and an artist/singer. We are setting our system up so that in the future when we start paying streaming royalties, both artist and songwriters will be paid correctly.

To further complicate things, all songwriters have music publishers. If you make a song available to fans, then the underlying song composition is considered published. If you don't have an agreement with a music publisher, then you are the music publisher.

Our system allows you to easily define yourself as the music publisher without creating a publishers account. But, if you have a real music publishing company which most famous singer/songwriters do, then you can create a music publisher sub-account on our system just like you created your songwriter account. Each time you create a song composition we ask you to define your publisher which for most singer/songwriters is you. If you are a singer/songwriter with songs on Spotify or any streaming service then you need to be registered with a PRO. When you do they will ask you to define your publisher and if you don't have one they will tell you to create one... because the music business requires it.

Learn more about the role of songwriters, producer/songwriters, publishers and PRO's here: Songwriters Defined