Songwriter Website

The Songwriter Website is NOT where you sell songs or build a fanbase.

Your ARTIST account is where you build a website to entertain your fans and sell music and other digital items to them.  If you have not created your Artist Account and website, then do that first. If you are a Songwriter only and not an Artist then you don't need an Artist Account and you may continue.

As you have learned, Rhythmic Rebellion follows the rules of the music business. These rules are very important when it comes to earning money as a music creator. The two main ways music creators get paid is as a Songwriter and as an Artist. We require both of these accounts so everyone gets paid correctly in the future when we start paying music streaming royalties. For now, we are an artist promotional company offering websites and promotional tools to build a fanbase and monetize that fanbase.

Rhythmic Rebellion was created to help improve the lives and incomes of all music creators; especially songwriters because they have been hurt the most.

On-demand streaming is great for fans, they love it - they can hear every song ever created with the click of a button. For music creators, this is good and bad. Thanks to the internet and large streaming sites, you have access to millions of fans and you can become popular without the need of a major label record deal. But on-demand streaming has killed our ability to sell albums. The law in the USA says that songwriters receive 9.1 cents of each song sold on a CD or a download. Therefore, not being able to sell music hurts songwriters. Music streaming royalties are really low and don't replace song sales. On-demand streaming is here to stay, so Rhythmic Rebellion is developing new ways to entertain your fans and sell them digital content they are happy to pay for. Soon we will improve our system so that if digital content is sold that is directly related to a song, the songwriter instantly gets credit for this sale and paid the appropriate amount on pay day.

Now, Back To Your Songwriter Website!

Songwriters are where the music starts. However, songwriters often feel left out and get little recognition because fans don't know they wrote the songs. We're changing that! As you can see in the image below, not only are the Songwriters listed, but there's a link to take you to the Songwriter's Site.

The Songwriter Website is limited in features because Songwriters don't sell music or digital content to fans - Artists do that. 

Inside the Artist Account, Artists create Song Recording Titles (SRT's) that connect back to the Songwriter's Song Composition and when fans hear or buy the song, this connection means the Songwriter gets the credit and pay they deserve. As a Songwriter, you can see the stats of your song plays sorted by the Artist that recorded your song: If 10 different artists record your song, you'll see the 10 artists, the song they recorded, and the streaming and sale stats. See next image.

This is Greg E Allen's Songwriter Account and Rhythmic Radiation is the Artist that recorded his songs.

In a nutshell, your Songwriter Website does not have all the features that an Artist Website has. The features you do have include text, images, videos, and even a song list - but remember that songwriters don't sell songs. So the way this works is that this is a special playlist that allows the Songwriter to see any songs that Artists have made a connection to, and the Songwriter can select them to be in this Playlist. If a fan plays the song from your playlist, it is reflected as a song play for the Artist and everyone gets credit for the play from the Artist to the Music Label, the Songwriter and the Music Publisher. Like we said, Rhythmic Rebellion was built on the rules of the music business and we keep those rules in mind with everything we do. We want everyone paid correctly when a fan enjoys the music!

The following image is from the Songwriter's Site Builder showing a Playlist Feature on the page with the settings for the Playlist open. You can select from the list of songs in Add Song Settings.

The next image is what a fan sees when viewing your Songwriter Website. Fans click the 3 dots and add your songs to their playlist. Again, this is not your Song Compositions they're seeing but the Artist's Song Recording Titles (SRT's). Unless an Artist connects to your Song Composition inside their SRT, your Song Composition will not show up as an option to select.

Notice that "Blinded by Love" is listed twice in this Playlist. This is because Rhythmic Radiation recorded the song and released the song twice. Clicking on Lyrics, Song Notes, and Details gives the fan more info about your Song Composition.