Photo Uploads & Edits

Video Transcription

1. To add photos to your uploaded assets, click Photos inside your Asset Manager. Here you will see your uploaded photos in the gallery. You can also view your assets as a list by clicking the view button. You can sort by name or date to easily find your photos. 

2. To upload a photo, click in the Click here to add files box or simply drag and drop the files into that area and click Upload.

3. Once the photo is uploaded, you can edit the photo by clicking the Edit button. This will open the Photo Editor where you can rotate, flip horizontally for vertically, crop your image, or add effects like filters, contrast, brightness, saturation, sepia tone, invert, hue, blur, vignette, noise, or add an overlay. 

4. Inside the Overlay Feature, you can select a solid color for the overlay or add a gradient effect. You can also adjust the opacity. Once you’ve finished setting the effects you like, click Apply to save these changes. Your photo is now ready to use on your website! If you need to remove an uploaded photo, simply click the Delete button.