Move Your Dot Com Domain Name to RR: GoDaddy

How To Transfer Your Domain Name

To start the process of having your domain name like redirected to your Rhythmic Rebellion website, go into your Artist Account, click the Artist Site Builder at the top, then the Advanced tab and follow the instructions. 

Note: Rhythmic Rebellion is not a dot com registrar like GoDaddy. We do not issue dot com names.

IMPORTANT: On the above form you want to enter your domain name where it says "Domain Redirect".

If you want to have your own dot com name redirected to the website you made with Rhythmic Rebellion, you'll need to change the registrar default nameservers to Rhythmic Rebellion nameservers. 

In other words, you have to change the settings for your current artist / band dot com so that it takes your fans to your new website built on Rhythmic Rebellion. There are many places where you can create your own dot com - GoDaddy is just one of them. A registrar like GoDaddy allows you to change the settings so that when someone types in or clicks on a link to your dot com name, the user is taken to your website no matter what website builder or platform you used.

GoDaddy Redirect

Note: Before you can do the following, you need Rhythmic Rebellion to issue you nameservers, like: GoDaddy is just one example. There are other registrars you may have registered your brand domain with like Squarespace, Wix, etc.
You also may need to get MX records to make your email work with RR. To do so follow 
this instruction.

1. Sign in to your GoDaddy account.

2. Go to the My Products section and click Manage in front of your Brand Artist domain.

3. Scroll down and click Manage DNS.

4. Scroll down and click Change (This image shows an example of what your current nameservers might look like).

5. Click on Enter my own nameservers (advanced).

6. Enter the nameservers you need to get from the RR support team.

7. Click Save and allow some time for those changes to take place. It can take anywhere from a few minutes up to 24 hours for the change to be completed.